“Their approach to playing, their approach to personal contact with their instruments which is so important at an early stage. If one learns correctly how to maneuver an instrument so to speak from the beginning, they really have a huge advantage over their span of their musical careers. This would be an ideal program for any kid.”

Irina Muresanu, Violin Professor at University of Maryland the Boston Conservatory

“I left the concert feeling uplifted artistically and spiritually, recognizing that I just witnessed the best possible outcome of music education.”

Cynthia Price-Glynn, Dean of Harp/Guitar at the Boston Conservatory

“They are not only talented as teachers, but also have critical leadership skills that reflect an ability to mobilize resources to achieve their passion for teaching and enrich the arts community in Boston. Because of their success at this program, they have an established fan base of students and parents eager to follow their dedicated methods.  Their model is a solid one and should be shared with the larger world”.

Erik Gregory, PhD.

“I have been so impressed with the work of BSA, I am looking forward to our collaboration!”

Maestro Lynn Chang, Professor at Boston University, Boston Conservatory and New England Conservatory

“I have been observing and have experience with a lot of schools and string programs which has nothing to do with what you have. It is so impressive. I was in such an impression for many days that I cannot forget these wonderful kids. How well they organized, how well they play, and it is very important that they get a lot of attention from their teachers.”

Sophie Vilker, Violin Professor at New England Conservatory

“What a terrific thing you have done.  The students show clearly that you are teaching them well; they are infused with love of music, love of playing…they are disciplined, well-trained, motivated…you are teaching them in such a well-rounded way.  It is very exciting!”

Judith Eissenberg, Professor of Music at Brandeis University and Boston Conservatory

“It has been an honor to mentor this program. The progress that the children have shown is outstanding and the dedication and quality of these teachers is exceptional and truly irreplaceable. I have very high hopes for their future”.

Rictor Noren, Violin and Viola Professor Boston Conservatory and New England Conservatory

“My daughter Lola has belonged to the BSA since its inception several years ago, where she started playing the violin under the guidance of the Alvarez sisters. I use the word ‘belong’ as this is really a community that has been created, that my daughter belongs to, for musical excellence as well as friendship and support. BSA sees the children’s potential as unlimited and strives to inspire and instruct with no ceiling and high expectations’.  And the children, like my daughter, respond!  I am extremely grateful to the BSA for providing the opportunities, mentorship, training and community for my daughter to thrive in the world of music! The BSA is instilling confidence, musical skill, knowledge, sense of community and passion for music in my daughter.  It has been wonderful for her personal development. I look forward to her continuing the journey with the BSA”.

Albert, BSA parent

“Boston String Academy has been a transformational program for our children.  Beyond the amazing teachers who provide the best classical music instruction every day, the program has enriched our children’s education, helped them become more confident and exposed them to the some of the best classical musicians in the country”.

Betty, BSA parent

“Boston String Academy has been a wonderful addition to Allston, bringing top-quality musical education with a focus on social change and self-improvement to children in our community. Our son and two daughters have taken cello and violin lessons with BSA for several years alongside many Allston friends, neighbors, and classmates. They have participated in after-school, weekend, and summer camps with BSA all of which have had excellent teachers and supportive environments. Often when presented with a challenging new piece of music we will hear that it is “too hard” or “impossible” but after some practice those fears disappear and it becomes one of the many songs they play nicely. This learning process of discovering how to master challenging new material that our children learn from BSA applies to all aspects of their lives and is so valuable to their future success in life. We hope BSA will continue to be part of the Allston community for many years to come to enrich hundreds more children’s lives”

Melissa and Harry, BSA parents

“We are very grateful that our children have been able to participate in the Boston String Academy these past few years.  It’s been a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about the focus and persistence it takes to play a musical instrument.  Also, watching their joyful performances at the winter and end of year concerts with their classmates and children from other El Sistema programs have been such truly special experiences.  We feel that the BSA has filled an area of great need, as their school has not been able to sustain music programming from year to year.  The progress our children have made each year in playing violin has come in large part because of the combination of the intensity and consistency the program offers”

Victoria, BSA parent